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Gain Structure, Clarity & confidence! 

In just 5-DAYS you will learn the BREAKTHROUGH moments that helped me gain CLARITY, build CONFIDENCE and achieve my DREAM PHYSIQUE, without relying on MOTIVATION, ELIMINATING the foods I love or SACRIFICING my social life

Input your details and click 'Enrol Now' It's that simple

(FREE enrolment ends on Sunday💰)

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The 4 REASONs 

you're NOT getting the reuslts you deserve....

NO structure


Hopping from program to program, with no structure, clarity or measurable goal is one of the biggest reasons people fall off plan 



There is so much misleading, contradicting information, as a result, most people have no idea what actually works



This all-or-nothing approach means you always end up binging on the weekends and 'fall off plan' when life gets 'busy'


Relying on motivtion

Relying on motivation and expecting everyday  to be perfect is the biggest mistake you can make and the best way to set yourself up for 'failure'


The good news is there is a very simple solution...

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after the 5 days, you will have..

The exact goal-setting formula to gain clarity on what it is you want and how to break these down into weekly measurable goals

A full understanding of why most diets fail and how to shred stubborn body fat without feeling like you're on a diet  

How to achieve more by doing less and the secret to fitting an effective training program into your busy schedule

A game plan for what to do on the days you're feeling low and demotivated to ensure you stay on track

How to stop the weekend 'binge' and stay on track without having to sacrifice your social life

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James McKay/ Challenge Winner


After years of not getting the results I wanted, and felt I should be getting due to the amount I was doing, I decided maybe I needed a new direction

The tips and recommendations from Ollie were a real eye-opener, especially when you have spent years thinking more is better!


Really looking forward to the next step!

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Fully Qualified

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      Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer (10 + years)

       Qualified (OTA) Online Transformation Coach (4 + years)


       Qualified MNU Evidence-Based Nutritionist

This is a proven system that I have developed over 10 years of trial and error, created so you don’t have to waste time and make the same mistakes I did. 

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You're in the right place if..

You want to learn how to build a lean, developed and athletic-looking physique that brings you confidence

learn the secret to getting rid of stubborn bodyfat

Improve your knowledge around training and nutrition 

If what you are currently doing isn’t working and you want to try something different

Need a little kickstart your fitness journey!

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Leo Kaveh/ 

Charity, Project Worker


signed up for the challenge as I wanted to learn more about planning methods and nutrition to keep me on track with my fitness goals as this was something I struggled with.

The information provided by Ollie was presented in an excellent easy-to-follow format which gave me a much clearer understanding of the areas I needed improvement on. I particularly enjoyed the information provided on the traffic light method, maintainable nutrition and intermittent fasting.  I plan on implementing the methods taught immediately and I’m looking forward to achieving fantastic sustainable results!


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Ben Flockheart

Result: Full Body Transformation

Time: 12 months

I have always enjoyed working out but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t shift my body fat.  I was doing random workouts that I found online and hopping from program to program when I didn’t see results, this left me very frustrated and demotivated 


It quickly became apparent why I wasn’t making progress I wasn’t following an intelligent program and because of that my body had no reason to adapt and change.  


I am extremely proud of my results.  I was able to shift that stubborn body fat and build a decent amount of lean muscle

Charles L

Result: Full Body Transformation

Time: 12 months

My goals were to improve my overall body composition, build muscle, reduce my body fat and have a more toned and athletic look to my physique.​. 

Something I lacked in the past was having someone to hold me accountable, without it I always seemed to fall short of my goals,  on days that my motivation was low he was there to motivate me and push me through the workouts.

After working with Ollie I have lost almost 5% of body fat and packed a decent amount of lean muscle.  As a result, I am a much happier motivated and disciplined person and can’t wait for the next phase of my training with him.

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The 5-Day Breakthrough Challenge (£250 value)

Every morning at 6 am a task is released for you to complete (£25 Value)

Every afternoon an "Ask Me Anything" post is released.  This is your opportunity to ask questions related to the day's task or topic (£25 Value)

Every evening a video is released around 7 pm where we dive deeper into each topic. (£80 Value)

I will hold you accountable throughout the challenge to make sure you are on track and getting what you need (£120 Value)

I will be giving away 5 boxes of high-protein cookies to the most engaged people on the challenge, from my brand-new company, Bakes By Nokou. (Each £20 value)

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INSANE Guarantee


If by the end of the 5 days you haven't had the breakthrough moments I am promising...


 I will personally jump on a 1-to-1 strategy call to help you gain clarity, map out a game plan and answer any questions you have (£65 value)

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Sign up before Sunday and receive a copy of my 'How To Improve Your Body Composition for completely FREE

Learn the tips, tricks & strategies to shred stubborn body fat and build lean muscle and how to avoid the ‘SKINNY FAT’ look.

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How much time is required?

1o minutes in the morning & 10-15 minutes in the evening

Are there workotus? 

There are no workouts over the 5-days.  The focus is on laying the foundations, gaining clarity, building the right mindset and most importantly building the confidence that you can actually do this!

What happens after the 5-Days?

For those that make it to the end of the challenge, you will be eligible for the 'INSANITY' offer where there will be an offer to continue working with me and join my flagship program The Nokou Body Plan

This of this as an intensive 6-week ‘Accelerate’ coaching experience working with me, specifically designed to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.


  • Average Weight Loss: 2-4kg

  • Average Muscle Gain: 0.4-0.6kg

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So please ONLY sign up....



If you need help gaining clarity on what exactly you need to do in order to reach your goals without the complicated, rigid approach most plans teach.

Hold you accountable

If you need someone to hold you accountable, guide you and help you kickstart your fitness goals!  I'll be with you every step of the way


If you are someone that keeps falling off plan on the weekends, ​I will show you why planning to go off plan is a very powerful tool to have in your toolbox!

Body Composition

If you want to improve your body composition and learn how to build a lean, developed and athletic-looking physique.

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Space on The 5-Day Breakthrough Challenge (£250)

How To Improve your body Composition E-Book (£49)

INSANE Guarantee (£65)


FREE enrolment ends on Sunday

Take action and book your spot today!


Don't miss out!  Limited spots are available

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