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INCREASE YOUR confidence, SHRED FAT, & BUILD MUSCLE in the right places

No magic fairy dust - just a perfectly simple & insanely effective system based on a few core principles that even the busiest people can use

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This is my Flagship 'private coaching' experience, designed to teach you an enjoyable & effective way to manage your nutrition & training by establishing a ‘minimal effective dose’ set-up that fits around your busy lifestyle 

The goal over the 6 weeks is to strip fat, build up your strength, confidence & take steps towards building a body that you can be proud off


You will get a 6-week fully customised program so you don't need to worry about trying to piece together your own


Average weight loss is 2-4kg & average muscle gain is 0.4-0.6kg (this is a very noticeable change to your body composition)

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Stuart Norris

Financial Advisor

I was at an all-time low, my marriage had recently ended and I was struggling both mentally and physically

I was out of shape, binge eating and going out drinking far too often.  Ollie introduced a training plan that I could stick to, and I quickly started to see results

He also helped me to understand my diet which is something I was really struggling with, and to maintain a calorie deficit for weight loss which was my goal at the time.  My experience with Ollie completely changed my relationship with training and exercise in general.  

Will Peters

Yoga Teacher (previously Project Manager)​

My goals were simple, I wanted to get in the best physical shape of my life.  I wanted to drop fat and pack on a decent amount of muscle

Even though I have attempted to achieve these goals many times in the past, but I felt like I often lacked time, motivation and knowledge on what foods to eat

Ollie helped me to create a sustainable, flexible nutrition plan without the overly complicated rigid approach that most other diets approach

I am incredibly happy with my results I am I've got into the best physical and mental shape of my life

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