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Who is it for?

If you want on going support, accountability & access to me your coach

Continue to improve your body composition + also work on improving mindset & lasting behaviour change

Help formulating a game plan with your nutrition & training moving forward

Help managing all the variables & transiting into the right phase at the right time

Work towards your long term goals & accelerate your results

What's INCLUDEd?



PACKAGE (Upgrade)

New fully customised training block every 8 weeks


Program adjustment & feedback every 4 weeks

Exercises technique breakdown and analysis, where you can submit your exercises video for a detailed breakdown and analysis to make sure you are nailing the correct form and technique

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ACCOUNTABILITY Bundle (upgrade)

Weekly accountability check-ins in The Nokou Academy community 


Weekly 'Live Q&A Calls" where you can jump on a group call with me and I can address any of your questions

      Customised Video Response, you can now request a customised video & breakdown on a topic of your choice (nutrition, training, mindset)

TRAINING and nutrition 


I will help you periodize you training and nutrition


Implementing diet breaks, de-load weeks, and thinking about how your training phases are going to coincide with your nutrition phase/caloric intake to make sure you can recover and optimise your results over the long term

Having your nutrition & training game mapped out will drastically increase your chance of results over the long term, It will also significantly reduces the chances of ‘rebounding’

      Included 1-to-1 Strategy Call every 3 months

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& Game plan

Formulate a game plan with your nutrition & training moving to accelerate results and significantly reduces the chances of ‘rebounding’

Training & Mobility

Get a fully customised mobility routine that compliments your training program and focuses on improving your muscular weekaness and imbalances 


Focusing on breaking bad habits that are no longer serving you and developing the ‘ultimate’ morning & evening routine to leave you feeling full of energy


Learn how to silence your inner critic & break negative thought loops while improving your emotional intelligence and creating a life full of purpose & meaning  

What's NEW?

THE Mobility Screening

Bundle (£65)

If you’re looking to build a balanced body composition and stay injury-free over the long term, It's going to be so important to incorporate a proper mobility routine that focuses on your imbalances and compliments your training program 

This will also help improve your mind to muscle connection and accelerate your results over the long term

       Full report + customised mobility routine (Report)

THE 'ultimate' lifestyle design PACKAGE (£65)

In this section, we will also focus on creating the ‘ultimate’ morning & evening routine

This is all about bringing non-conscious, negative habits to a conscious level and shift attention to breaking bad habits by disrupting one of the 4 levels of the habit loop and focus on building on existing good habits by 'stacking the deck in your favour

       The 21-Day Cold Exposure (Challenge)

       The 7-Day Phone (Challenge)


THE Nokou mind

Framework (£200)

The Nokou Mind Framework is a 6-week evidence-based self-development course

You will learn how to:


Silence your inner critic & break negative thought loops


Build mental strength and resilience


Strengthen your self- awareness and improve your emotional intelligence


Reduce anxiety and improve confidence and self-esteem


The power of reframing and creating a life full of purpose & meaning  

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No Contract (Icon).png


When you join The Nokou Academy there is no contract, no minimum term, no fixed contract. 

You can stay with us for as long or as short as you want! 

No Minimum Term

 you will also get 
Bonus (£90)


Full access to the workout program library (£45) 

Choose from the library of workout guides and E-books, perfect for the times you go on holiday/work trip and need a backup plan!

      Includes 6 of my downloadable workout programs

Full access to The Nokou Recipe Handbook Library (£45) 

160+ high protein low-calorie, fat-loss-friendly recipes, perfectly created so that you can formulate your very own nutrition plan!


Every recipe has a unique barcode, so you can scan your food straight into your food diary within seconds. Making tracking your food seem effortless.​ 


      Includes 8 recipe books (Plant-based option available)

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